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What we do for our candidates..

Making a career move is a huge decision. With so many unknowns, we understand how important it is to rely on a search partner you can trust, but also one which caters to your specific needs. Whether you are actively looking for a new role, passively curious, or embarking on succession planning, we are here to help.

Active Candidates

There are many reasons why you would be actively looking to make a career move; toxic management, relocation, redundancy through M&A, and many more.

Whatever the reason, it is important to identify where your strengths lie, and where those strengths are most highly sought after. That is where New Era comes in.

Focus on the why

The reason(s) you’re looking for a move will guide you in making the best decision for where you go next. To avoid history repeating itself, finding a role that solves and avoids the problems you’re facing now is crucial.

Not just an employee

We only partner with exciting and collaborative organizations – the positions you have access to through New Era will put you somewhere you can be heard, not just another number on a spreadsheet.

Passive Candidates

For many reasons, you may be passively looking. Your company could be getting acquired, creating uncertainty about your role in the post-M&A environment. You might have hit a glass ceiling where progression opportunities are limited or far in the future. Or you could simply be open to a new challenge.

Whatever the reason, we understand why you would want to be kept in the loop on relevant searches or future planned hires for new exciting start-ups. Being well connected with the C-suite of start-up ventures, we often speak with these leaders about pending future build-outs years’ in advance.

Staying Up To Date

If you haven’t actively assessed the market, you might not know if you’re paid competitively or promoted fairly. Being one of our passive candidates gives you access to the market information to stay informed.

Why Miss Out?

Even if things are going well currently, there could be an even better opportunity out there for you and your career. If you stay in the dark, you’ll never know.

We acknowledge that an agenda-free initial connection can lead to future opportunities on both sides of the table; either as a candidate or client of New Era. Even if there is no immediate agenda, we’re keen to speak with you.


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