You Are Our Number 1 Priority

What we do for our clients….

We put the transparency of our relationship with you before anything else. We will be honest about the pain-points of any search campaign we take on and lay out the expectations before committing to anything.

If we make a promise, it is vital we deliver on it – your objectives are ours. Partnering together to deliver realistic results, on time, is our number one priority.

20 Years Experience

Our search methodology comes from over 20 years’ combined Executive Search experience from our founding Directors.

The Best Available Talent

The networks we have in our respective marketplaces are deep. Although, we do not only rely on this. Each and every search campaign involves a complete market-map of every qualified professional in the marketplace. With no stone being left unturned, you can rest easy knowing you have hired the best..

How we help….

We take the time to understand the finer details of the assignment so that when we go to market, we know exactly what to look for.

The timing of your hire is important to you, and so it’s important to us. We will clearly agree on timescales for shortlist delivery and time-to-hire.

Through meticulous research, we map out the entire marketplace in line with your search criteria – the only way to know you have hired the best person is to have confidence that every potential candidate is approached.

With your consent, we will advertise the position through Professional Networking platforms to attract as much attention as possible to the correct target audience. We also tap in to our deep existing networks for referrals.

Every single candidate from the market map will be contacted to understand if they are open to a career move. If they are, we act as your brand mascot to generate interest around your open position.

Of those who are screened through the headhunting process, every candidate is then interviewed at length. This is vital so that you understand more than just what is contained within a candidate’s CV. We collect vital information on each candidate’s career motivations/aspirations, aligning skill-sets, and overall fit to your company and the open position.

We will then present a shortlist, containing the most accurately aligned and well-qualified individuals suited to the open position. All of the vital information gathered from the interview stage will be included in a comprehensive report so that you are able to start your process with each candidate with all of the facts.

We work with you to schedule interviews with each candidate, taking detailed feedback at each stage, allowing us to offer guidance/advice on the process trajectory so ensure the most successful conclusion.

Negotiating an offer can be a sensitive topic, as neither client nor candidate will want to unsettle the process. That being said, offer negotiations are a vital part of any recruitment process. We help smooth this process out to ensure a successful outcome.

We stay in close contact with the successful candidate through their resignation process, ensuring that they are able to exit their position and begin their journey in the new position on the agreed start date.

We maintain close communication with both client and candidate through the candidate’s onboarding, allowing for the best start possible.

We carry out periodical check-ins with our clients after the candidate’s start date to make sure that everything is going to plan and remain on standby for any additional work that may be required.

What we do for our clients….

Executive Search

Executive level searches require understanding the company’s vision, trajectory and target future. It is also vital that your search partner has deep industry knowledge. As your brand ambassador, we have the industry expertise, and will deliver the narrative in the way you want it to be received.

Confidential Search

Depending on circumstances, your search campaign may require absolutely confidentiality. Through NDAs & careful attention to detail, we know how to keep your hiring agenda confidential.

Sucession Planning

Our search methodology comes from over 15 years’ combined Executive Search experience from our founding Director.

Volume & Outsourced Solutions

If you have a number of positions that need filling quickly, it is more efficient to allow one search partner to manage them all. We have the capabilities & experience necessary to deliver on this.


Life Sciences


Contract Research & Manufacturing