Hiring within Drug Discovery & Drug Development? Is your hiring strategy good enough?

Hiring within Drug Discovery & Drug Development? Is your hiring strategy good enough?

Are you competitively positioned to hire the best talent within Drug Discovery & Development?


Drug Discovery & Drug Development is a highly competitive, and growing industry, and it is more important now than ever for organizations to have a strong hiring strategy to attract and retain top talent. A well-designed hiring strategy can give you a significant edge over the competition. But what exactly does a strong hiring strategy look like? We have been recruiting in this space for years now, and although some of these might seem obvious, many have been overlooked, and so below are the key takeaways that we’ve seen in what will give your organization the edge:


Here are some examples of organizations that New Era has worked with, and have advised on what to focus on when implementing an effective hiring strategy, and have reaped the benefits as a result:


So, what happens if your organization lacks a strong hiring strategy? You risk missing out on top candidates and hiring those who don’t possess the necessary skills or qualifications. Without a proper onboarding process, new hires may struggle to integrate into the organization and may not be fully equipped to excel in their roles.

Do you feel as though you are missing out on top talent and that your organization is at a disadvantage as a result? Or, are you confident that your current hiring methods are effectively identifying the best candidates (and keeping them)? A strong hiring strategy is crucial to the success of any organization in the Drug Discovery & Drug Development industry. By taking the time to carefully design and implement a strong hiring strategy, organizations can drastically improve their competitiveness and reach their ultimate goal: driving the development of new and innovative treatments.

If you feel as though you need some advice/guidance on improving your recruitment strategy, reach out to any of the team here at New Era for a no-obligation initial discussion to see if we can identify some quick-wins through easy adjustments. You might be surprised what a little change can achieve!