We are a CRO located in California that was looking to hire for a very specialized Director level position. We had worked with a number of recruiters in the past who were just missing the mark on this position and unable to introduce us to the right candidates. We reached out to New Era, and I was extremely impressed with Byron’s skill level and how well he understood our needs. He asked the right questions (many of which I hadn’t been asked by other recruiters).

In our field, we are often hiring Ph.D. level candidates with a very niche technical background. Byron and his team were able to quickly identify a list of accurately suitable candidates to a position we were recruiting for. Almost every candidate he presented us was a perfect match skill-wise. The detail he provided with each candidate helped us to know more about the candidates beyond their resume, which saved me quite a bit of time in the screening process. Despite the time-zone differences with the UK, he was responsive and proactive with follow-ups. I would highly recommend working with Byron and his team if you are looking to find senior level candidates for a niche skill-set.